Community Success
The Kirby Foundation Wellness Trail Pocket Trails

The Heart of Illinois Community Foundation congratulates the Kirby Foundation on receiving the $10,000 Places & Neighborhoods Grant!

The Kirby Foundations introduction of Wellness Trail Pocket Trails has marked a significant milestone in the Monticello community‘s development. The Pocket Trails consist of a network of trails, seamlessly integrated urban spaces with natural landscapes, offering residents and visitors alike a multifaceted experience in outdoor recreation and wellness.

The introduction of the landscaping pockets project has brought a new dimension to the Wellness Trail, promoting biodiversity, Physcial health and wellness, and visual appeal.

Attached above is a map of the pockets still available for funding support!

As the Kirby Foundation finds more ways to prioritize the health and wellbeing of their residents and visitors, the Wellness Trails continue to evolve as a cornerstone of the Foundations Commitment to health initiatives.

that enhance public spaces, such as the Wellness Trail and its Pocket trails, not only beautify the environment but also promote physical and mental well-being, conserve biodiversity, keep the community engaged, and support sustainable practices. All of which contribute to creating vibrant, healthy, and resilient communities for both present and future generations.

To learn more about the Kirby Foundation and their Wellness Trail please visit their website:

“The Landscaping Pocket initiatives allows us to continue broadening opportunities for our patients, visitors, hospital staff, and area residents to enjoy physical exercise on our Wellness Trail.”

The Kirby Foundation