Scholarship Application Process Timeline

Learn the steps of the 2021 Community Foundation of Macon County scholarship process.

The Community Foundation of Macon County begins accepting online scholarship applications for fall semester 2022 from high school students, college students and returning adult students (24 years or older) on Jan. 1, 2024. All scholarship applications must be completed by March 1, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.

Before the Application

Step 1: Complete the FAFSA

October 1
Visit to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You’ll need the Student Aid Report (SAR) in a PDF form to upload to your scholarship application within the financial information section.

Step 2: Start Thinking about Letters of Recommendation

November 15
You’ll need two letters of recommendation to apply for CFMC scholarships.

  • Recommendations should come from a community member (clergy, employer, etc.)

Ask early to allow time for your references to complete the letters of recommendation. You will be asked to upload these letters to the application.

Step 3: Collect Your Academic Information

December 7
You will need the following information to complete the Academic Information section of the application:

  • High school transcripts and if applicable, college transcripts
  • Your major/field of study you plan to pursue
  • Name, approximate cost of attendance, and proof of acceptance for Millikin, Richland Community College or the apprentice/training program

Step 4: Collect Your Residency Information

December 7

You will need the following information to complete the Residency Information section of the application:

  • Tax forms
  • Housing receipts
  • Utility bills

Step 5: Begin Drafting Essay Responses

December 15
Each scholarship application requires an essay to be written. Almost every scholarship requires an answer to the following prompt:

  • Please write a one-page response answering the following questions: why do you want to return to finish your education? What have you accomplished in the years between your last time in school? What are your long-term career goals, and how will this scholarship further them? What personal characteristics or experiences qualify you to receive a scholarship?

During the Application

Step 1: Create an Account on the Scholarship Application Portal

January 1
Visit and click “Scholarship Application Portal”. On the log on page, click create new account and fill in your personal information to create your account.

Step 2: Complete the Personal, Academic, and Residency Information Sections of the Application

January 1
Enter your personal information (email, county of residence, contact information), academic information (from step 3 above), and residency information (from step 4 above).

Step 3: Complete the Financial Information Section of the Application

January 10
Upload your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) into the application and enter your Expected Family Contribution (EFC Number) which is located on your SAR.

Step 4: Enter Essay Responses

January 20
Paste your essay responses into the application. Be sure to check if a scholarship requires another essay in addition to the prompts listed above.

Step 5: Upload Letters of Recommendation

February 15
Upload two letters of recommendation community members.

Step 6: Submit Your Applications

February 28
After reviewing all items on your applications for completion and accuracy (did you double check your essay prompts?), complete the electronic signature, enter the date, and submit.

Step 7: Application Deadline

March 1
You must submit your application(s) by 11:59 p.m. on March 1, 2024. No late applications will be accepted.

After the Application

Step 1: Staff Screens All Applications

March 2
CFMC staff members screen each application for completion and accuracy.

Step 2: Scholarship Committees and Reviewers Go To Work

March 5
Volunteer committee members will read and score the applications during the review process. The committees will submit their reviews of each application by mid-March.

Step 3: Award Winners Notified

Scholarship recipients will be notified.

Step 4: Checks are Delivered to Colleges/Universities

CFMC will mail a check directly to your college/university provided all prerequisite steps are completed by the recipient.