The power of endowment for donors

The power of endowment enables you to tackle big challenges today as well as those that emerge in the future. With an endowed charitable fund in your name at The Community Foundation of Macon County, your philanthropy makes an immediate impact on local issues you care about the most. And the CFMC’s expert stewardship helps your endowed fund grow over time and continue to make a bold different for the community long after you are gone.

Enter your initial gift amount and a sample time period to see how your impact on the community grows!

Over Years

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Your Totals

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The results provided by the Endowment Calculator are intended for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed. The investment projects, outcomes and other information generated by the Endowment Calculator are hypothetical in nature, are based on CFMC investment goals and policies, and do not reflect actual investment results. Projects assume annual return of 8%, supporting fees of 1% and an annual distribution rate of 5%.