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The MDH Foundation aims to make a difference in the lives of educators and students.

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2024 Crime Scene Investigation Camp at UIS (10 participants, $149 each)
As we continue to connect our students to careers in public safety, we would like to register 10 students to attend the UIS Crime Scene Investigation camp. The camp is created for high school students interested in science and discovery. The exciting world of crime scene simulation training will be explored through hands-on experience. Students will develop forensic skills in evidence collection, fingerprinting, blood analysis, and forensic interviewing, all while engaging in problem-based learning activities.
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Full-day fieldtrip to St. Louis University Cadaver Lab for 24 certified nursing assistant students (registration, transportation, meals): $110 p/participant
Over the course of three summers, beginning in 2021, MDH has supported the Six-Week Residential Certified Nursing Assistant Program for students in our community. To date, all of which have successfully completed the program. In planning for summer 2024, the Residential CNA program will expand to include two separate cohorts of 12 participants.
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