Applications for Adult Scholarships Accepted Now Until Nov. 1

Each student selected receives up to a $2,500 scholarship for college or vocational training

Need financial help to finish completing a two- or four-year degree, a master’s degree or vocational training? The Community Foundation of Macon County is offering individual scholarship awards up to $2,500 per applicant to help fund spring semester 2023 expenses. Deadline to apply is Tuesday, November 1; apply at

Applicants must be Macon County adult/nontraditional students seeking to complete college degrees or training at Millikin University, Richland Community College or any other accredited college/university nationwide in person or online after interruptions in their education. Recipients are eligible to receive awards for subsequent semesters if they continue to meet the criteria. A successful example of this is Kelsie Wujek, who is pursuing a degree in business and organizational leadership from Millikin University. Kelsie has received scholarship funding for 4 semesters and will graduate with her bachelor’s degree this December.

“Making the decision to go back to school as an adult is not easy as it can be a lot to balance but relieving some of the financial burden makes it easier for me to focus on my studies and reaching my professional goals,” Kelsie says. “I am so grateful for the financial assistance from the donors of the Adult Scholarship Fund at The Community Foundation of Macon County.”

Eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must be Macon County residents age 24 or older.
  • Applicants must demonstrate legal residency in Macon County for at least the past year. Documentation such as housing receipts, utility bills, tax forms or a voter's registration card may be used to verify residency.
  • Selected applicants may attend Richland Community College, Millikin University, or any other accredited college/university nationwide in person or online. In addition, applicants participating in Macon County union apprenticeship programs are eligible for adult scholarships to cover fees, books, and equipment.
  • Applicants must have earned a high school diploma or GED and have a gap of at least three years before pursuing an associate degree or continuing with a bachelor's or master's degree. Applicant must have three-year breaks between degrees reflected through transcripts. Currently enrolled college students are eligible as long as a three-year break occurred between degrees at some time, or the student previously received a CFMC Adult Scholarship and is therefore eligible to renew for consecutive semesters.
  • Financial need is considered when determining award recipients. Applicants must provide relevant financial documents.

The awards may be used to pay for tuition, course/program-related fees and/or books.

Have questions about applying? Call Scholarship Coordinator Kathy Carter at 217.220.1363 or 217.429.3000 or send her an email at