CFMC to award more than $427,000 in educational scholarships

More than 40 graduating high school seniors receive nearly $50,000 in scholarships

Macon County – The Community Foundation of Macon County announces a total of more than $427,000 to be distributed in educational scholarships this year. This well-established program is possible thanks to generous individuals, families, companies and organizations who fund these scholarships.

More than 40 Macon County graduating high school seniors from nine area high schools are receiving nearly $50,000 in scholarships to support their post-secondary education. This year’s individual awards range from $250 to $3,000 and several are renewable for multiple years.

“The Community Foundation of Macon County is very proud to make available a large number of college scholarships for graduating high school seniors and current college students,” said Kathy Carter, Scholarship Coordinator. “As the cost of a college education continues to rise, it becomes increasingly important that students have access to the support they need to fulfill their dreams and limit student loans. We have donors, each very passionate about education, to thank for these scholarships. We continue to encourage others to follow their example by establishing their own scholarship funds with The Community Foundation.”

The next application season for graduating high school seniors is scheduled to begin on Jan. 1, 2023, with applications due March 1, 2023. To be eligible, the students must have been accepted at an accredited college or university or currently be an existing college student pursuing their post-secondary education.

For information about the Foundation’s scholarship program and application process, visit or call CFMC Scholarship Coordinator Kathy Carter at 217.220.1363 or email her at

2022 Community Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Lynn D. Augustine Memorial Scholarship

  • Elizabeth Fawley, Maroa-Forsyth High School, $2,000
  • Zachariah Jalley, Warrensburg-Latham High School, $2,000
  • Lula Sassano, St. Teresa High School, $2,000
  • Isabella Tate, Eisenhower High School, $2,000
  • Oakley Tate, Eisenhower High School, $2,000

Matt and Natalie Beck/YLIA Leadership Scholarship

  • Raleigh Allen, Mt. Zion High School, $500

SuEllen Brauer Scholarship

  • Brayden Thomas, Eisenhower High School, $1,000

Lois M. Chervinko Memorial Scholarship

  • Caroline Flora, Mt. Zion High School, $1,500

Blake Cowden/YLIA Leadership Scholarship

  • Zachariah Jalley, Warrensburg-Latham High School, $1,000

Decatur High School Class of 1927 Memorial Scholarship

  • Emma Chavira, MacArthur High School, $1,000
  • Evan Mellon, Eisenhower High School, $1,000
  • Emma Stoneburg, St. Teresa High School, $1,000

Golden K Kiwanis Club of Decatur Scholarship

  • Rosemary Ellison, Mt. Zion High School, $1,000
  • Erika Flickinger, St. Teresa High School, $1,000
  • Tyler Heldt, Decatur Christian High School, $1,000
  • Beth Stacey, Sangamon Valley High School, $1,000
  • Rachel Wisner, Maroa-Forsyth High School, $1,000

Roberta K. Gorden Scholarship

  • Lillie Sherrerd, MacArthur High School, $1,000

L. Mark Hanover Memorial Scholarship

  • Simone Chang, Warrensburg-Latham High School, $1,000

Walter and Inabell Kirby Memorial Scholarship

  • Aubree Brown, Eisenhower High School, $3,000
  • Cordelia Mata, MacArthur High School, $3,000

Leading the Way Scholarship

  • Grace Buxton, St. Teresa High School, $500
  • Fynesse Jones, MacArthur High School, $500
  • Nakya Smith, Eisenhower High School, $500

MacArthur Class of 2010 Scholarship

  • Zahra Haji, MacArthur High School, $500

MacArthur Lady Generals Award

  • Emma Chavira, MacArthur High School, $1,000

Macon County Soil and Water Conservation District (MCSWCD) Scholarship

  • Lucas Clapp, Meridian High School, $2,500

Zannie Rawls, Jr. Football Scholarship

  • Trenton Bollhorst-Horn, MacArthur High School, $500

Michael E. Shampine Memorial Scholarship

  • Makenzie Franklin, Warrensburg-Latham High School, $500
  • Sierra Hiser, Mt. Zion High School, $500
  • Madison Sapp, Meridian High School, $500

Norman Lee Stewart Education Scholarship

  • William Swenson, MacArthur High School, $1,000

Susan and Lloyd Swanson Memorial Scholarship

  • Raleigh Allen, Mt. Zion High School, $1,000
  • Madison Prasun, St. Teresa High School, $1,000

James W. Thomas Education Scholarship

  • Lania Brown, Eisenhower High School, $500

The Claud Thompson Decatur Industrial Electric Scholarship

  • Emma Mallory, Mt. Zion High School, $1,000

The Charles William Turner Award

  • Jack Kramer, St. Teresa High School, $250

Robert G. and Mildred R. Turner Memorial Scholarship

  • Daniel Flores, MacArthur High School, $1,500

Robin Vogel Memorial Scholarship

  • Aubree Brown, Eisenhower High School, $1,250

Wiesemann Family Scholarship for YLIA

  • Brandon Kondritz, Mt. Zion High School, $2,500

Robert and Joy Witt Scholarship

  • Conor Malone, Eisenhower High School, $1,000

David Petrowsky Soccer Scholarship (YMCA)

  • Christian Schanefelt, Warrensburg-Latham High School, $500
  • Raegan Watts, Maroa-Forsyth High School, $500

Established in 2000, The Community Foundation of Macon County stewards more than 370 funds and total assets of $53 million. To date, The Community Foundation has distributed over $39 million to charitable organizations and endeavors. For more information about The Community Foundation of Macon County, visit