Community Foundation Announces $150,000 Donor Advised Grant to Support Community Resource Liaison Pilot Position

Macon County – The Community Foundation of Macon County today announced a $150,000 donor advised grant to fund a Community Resource Liaison position as an extension of the Macon County Continuum of Care (COC). This funding will be spread over 2 years, $75,000 in 2023 and $75,000 in 2024, to support a two-year pilot program.

The individual in this position will be responsible for identifying needs among the homeless population in Macon County and supporting COC member agencies in their work to end homelessness in our community. A home base office will be located at the Decatur Public Library, with rotating office hours at various COC member agencies, including DOVE, Inc., Heritage Behavioral Health Center and Empowerment Opportunity Center. Through trauma-informed practices, the individual in this position will build and maintain strong relationships with clients based on respect and compassion and refer clients in need to appropriate resources in the community using a warm hand off.

Mary Garrison, President and CEO of Heritage Behavioral Health Center, stated “this newly created Community Resource Liaison position is a ‘game-changer’ and an incredible opportunity to assist those in need as well as work collaboratively within our community with agencies, businesses and governmental entities.”

Additionally, the individual in this position will communicate, educate and provide resources for community entities (businesses, restaurants, etc.) related to homelessness, mental health and
substance use.

“The Macon County Continuum of Care is honored to receive this funding and believes this will make an incredibly positive impact within our community,” added Darsonya Switzer, Executive Director of Dove, Inc. and COC chair.

Decatur City Councilman David Horn said this new position “will be a highly effective way to connect people needing services to the agencies that can assist them.”