Racial Equity Fund

An Ongoing Legacy of Support

As a nation, we've been faced with major cultural changes that have brought issues of racial equity race to the forefront, especially during 2020.

As individuals, we've had to grapple with our place in society, and how we contribute to systemic issues – often unintentionally.

It is a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing it. It is also a necessary step in creating allyship to commit to learning about the stories, lives and experiences of individuals who do not have similar stories to our own.

The Racial Equity Fund gives community members the opportunity to financially support nonprofit organizations directly addressing the challenge of racism and inequity in our area. Funding is issued through grant awards to help these nonprofits work toward solutions that help eliminate systemic racism and move the community toward racial equity.

Together, we can fuel more community-led change! The Racial Equity Fund supports both annual grant distributions and permanent funding. Fifty percent of all donations funds annual grants, and the other fifty percent supports the Racial Equity Endowment Fund to provide a lasting legacy of support for ongoing needs. For more information, email CFMC President Natalie Beck at nbeck@maconcountygives.org

Racial Equity Fund

The issue of racial inequity presents an ongoing challenge to many individuals living in Macon County. It blocks them from rising up to achieve their dreams.

For that reason, The Community Foundation of Macon County launched the Racial Equity Fund. This fund provides grant funding to local nonprofit organizations directly addressing the challenge of racism and inequity in our community. This endowed fund will provide support for today and future needs.

At the Foundation, we believe all residents in our community should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We also believe our community has the resources available to meet our most pressing problems, including racism and inequity. And we're pleased to share that The Community Foundation of Macon County was one of only 13 community foundations nationwide selected to participate in the ABFE and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation national racial equity training. This will further aid our work in resolving the issues of racial equity in our community.

Join us in mobilizing our community’s generous spirit to make a difference. Help us build a community of expanded opportunities where we all thrive.


The Racial Equity Fund provides grant funding to address equity gaps in the following areas affecting quality of life:

  • Education
  • Job Readiness
  • Health and Wellness
  • Income and Wealth Creation
  • Neighborhoods and Communities
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