Our Board

Our board members come from diverse backgrounds, including business, law, finance, health care, education and the public sector, which strengthens the Community Foundation’s community dialogue. Members meet monthly to review and approve grants, oversee the community foundation’s finances, and develop creative ways of empowering fundholders, nonprofits and charitably inclined citizens to do good in our communities.

The following board members were elected to three-year terms and are permitted to serve up to three terms. We are grateful for their service:

Emeritus board members

Larry Altenbaumer, Dale Arnold, Dave Brandon, Kevin Breheny, Kendall Briscoe, Rod Bussell, Dr. Edward Elliott, Larry Haab, Walt Hupe, Mark Jackson, Kathy Locke, Dennis Lohnes, Peg Luy, Cathy Mansur, Karla Miller, J. Patrick Mohan, Rick Moore, Jim Neff, Bruce Nims, Kit Paulin, Doug Schmalz, Troy Swinford, Dr. James L. Wade, Melissa Watson, Justice Lisa Holder White, Guy Williams