Macon County Scholars

Recognizing scholarship recipients of Macon County

The Community Foundation of Macon County is proud to recognize the scholarship recipients of the past and their accomplishments since graduation.

Kelsey Rigsby

Kelsey received an Adult Scholarship

Sarah Dexter

Sarah Dexter, MacArthur High School class 2009, received the Susan Swanson Memorial Scholarship.

Mercedes Clemons

Mercedes Clemons, MacArthur High School Class of 2014, received the Leading the Way Scholarship

Jaylon Joyner

Jaylon Joyner, MacArthur High School Class of 2013, received the Jeff Black Family Scholarship

Evan Hall

Evan Hall, Warrensburg-Latham High School class 2011, received the Golden K. Scholarship.

Tiffany Wilson

Tiffany Wilson, Mt. Zion High School class 2014, received the Lois M. Chervinko Scholarship.

Borowczyk Family

Hailey, Kimberly and Madeline Borowczyk all received the Susan & Lloyd Swanson Memorial Scholarship

Maggie Sullivan

Maggie Sullivan, Eisenhower High School Class 2009, received the Robert G. Turner and James W. Thomas Scholarships

Madalyn Mann

Madalyn Mann, MacArthur High School Class 2016, received the Leading the Way and Michael E. Shampine Memorial Scholarships.

Elizabeth Birch

Elizabeth Birch, Eisenhower High School Class of 2016, received the Leading the Way Scholarship.

GaBrielle Brix

GaBrielle Brix, Argenta-Oreana High School Class of 2015 received the Macon County Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship

Erica Besser

Erica Besser, Mt. Zion High School class 2017, received the Decatur Foundry Scholarship.

Spencer Underwood

Spencer Underwood, Maroa-Forsyth High School Class 2014, received the Michael E. Shampine Memorial Scholarship.

Corry Rediger

Corry Rediger, Lowpoint Washburn High School Class of 2014, received the Curtis R. & Georgia Ann Pelz Scholarship

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