10 Reasons to Consider a Donor-Advised Fund at the Heart of Illinois Community Foundation

The Heart of Illinois Community Foundation invites you to start a Donor-Advised Fund with us today!

1. Easy to establish and use

It takes only minutes to open a fund at the Heart of Illinois Community Foundation, and you get the full benefit of your charitable contribution when the fund is established. Add to your fund and recommend grants through our online portal at any time.

2. Give a variety of assets

The Heart of Illinois Community Foundation accepts many assets, including cash, stock and real estate. Plus, you leverage tax deductions and eliminate capital gains taxes when gifting appreciated assets. The proceeds from these gifts are invested for tax-free growth.

3. "Bunching" is easier

“Bunching” allows you to contribute multiple years’ worth of charitable giving in a single year and receive an immediate tax deduction to surpass the itemization threshold, while continuing to give to the organizations you care about in a consistent way.

4. Engage generations

Name your children or grandchildren as advisors to your fund and make giving decisions together as a family, passing on your values and philanthropy.

5. Partner with a local expert

The Heart of Illinois Community Foundation has extensive knowledge of hundreds of nonprofits and is committed to helping you make a difference in our community.

6. No required grant timeline

Make a gift today, and then recommend grants over time.

7. Give anonymously

When you give through your donor-advised fund, you may choose to remain anonymous.

8. Leave a legacy

Utilize a donor-advised fund similarly to the operation of a private family foundation. We can help you build plans for involving family or create a succession plan. You can provide direction to the Heart of Illinois Community Foundation to support your favorite causes on your behalf, ensuring evolving community needs will continue to be addressed well beyond your lifetime.

9. One tax receipt

When you give annually to your donor-advised fund, it’s one tax receipt for your records. You can then make grants to as many beneficiaries as you would like without having to keep up with the paperwork.

10. Automate your giving

When you give through a donor-advised fund at the Heart of Illinois Community Foundation, you may choose to automate your recurring giving by scheduling grants monthly, quarterly or annually.

Questions about starting a donor-advised fund should be directed to Chasity Casey, Director of Finance and Donor Services, 217.429.3000 or ccasey@maconcountygives.org.