Donor Connect Program

We help people with a heart for giving back invest in organizations and causes they care about most, invest in building strong nonprofits that address the needs of our community, and keep our finger on the pulse of local issues to identify opportunities for change.

Our Donor Connect program provides foundation donors with up-close and personal looks at the programs and nonprofits they are interested in supporting. Though donors are able to read about the impact of their donations in annual reports, our personalized tours provide a more in-depth and behind-the-scenes look.

We are honored to assist donors with customized philanthropy. Because of our Community Wish List and our competitive grantmaking programs from our unrestricted funds, we are uniquely positioned to educate donors on the pressing needs in the community.

We'd love to talk to you about the causes you care about and how we can help connect you in a meaningful way!

Contact Missy at or Natalie at to discuss this exclusive opportunity and upcoming donor experiences.

Unique experiences for HICF donors