Grant Recipient Media Kit

Congratulations On Your Grant From The Community Foundation Of Macon County!

Your program is important to Macon County and worthy of media attention. Utilizing publicity and media coverage is a tool which will assist in ensuring the success of the funded project, your organization and The Community Foundation of Macon County. To assist you in communicating the impact of your work, we are pleased to present a Grant Recipient Media Kit.

The Community Foundation of Macon County is always interested in capturing the stories of our grantees.

“Telling your story helps us tell our story!”

Compelling storytelling helps communicate to our donors the importance of supporting projects like yours. We often feature stories of our grantees in our marketing materials, including our quarterly newsletters, social media channels, and annual report. If you have a story you wish to share, please contact Natalie Beck, President & CEO of The Community Foundation.

The following materials are intended for the use of The Community Foundation of Macon County grantees and will help you get the recognition your project and organization deserve. Here are a few suggested ways to announce your project's grant award:


Please acknowledge The Community Foundation of Macon County's support with our name and logo in publications, programs, and signage for any event or presentation funded through grant funding.

Logo Use

We have two logo versions - Black/White and Color. Use whichever best fits your publication while preserving original colors. Place the logo upright and do not alter it in any way. Acceptable use of the Foundation's logo includes, and is not limited to: newsletters, websites, social media images and flyers.

Our Name and Organizational Description

Please always use our full name - The Community Foundation of Macon County - when referencing the foundation. When including a description, please use the following:

Established in 2000, The Community Foundation of Macon County stewards more than 370 funds and total assets of $53 million. To date, The Community Foundation has distributed over $39 million to charitable organizations and endeavors. For more information about The Community Foundation of Macon County, visit


The Community Foundation of Macon County would love to hear how a grant from us helped your organization. If you would like to share your impact story from a grant given by The Community Foundation of Macon County, please send a narrative with images to Natalie Beck. Video stories are encouraged as well.

Social Media

Like and follow The Community Foundation of Macon County on our Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn social media pages. Mention and/or Tag The Community Foundation in grant-related posts and photos.

Press Release

Consider sending a press release about your project out to local media outlets. Utilize the Sample Press Release Template if you need a beginning point. The Community Foundation of Macon County is happy to provide a quote for your press release. Please email us to request a quote from a Community Foundation representative. Options for sending out a press release include WSOY/NowDecatur, Herald & Review, Decatur Tribune, WANDTV, Cromwell Radio or other local news and media stations.

Offline and Online Publications

Feature the grant award in newsletters, social media and on your website. Include a photo of the project, those you are serving, the check presentation, etc. Utilize the Sample Newsletter Article Template if you are in need of a starting point for a newsletter article.

Photo Opportunities

Take advantage of opportunities to capture and share photos related to the project. The Community Foundation features grant recipients in our printed and digital publications, on our website and our Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn pages. Please share your photos with us and we will share them through our outlets as well.

Video of Programs

We would love to feature videos of your program. If you already have footage of a program to share, please send it to Natalie Beck. If you are hosting events connected to something The Community Foundation funded, or if there is a good time to observe your program in action, please contact Natalie Beck so we can arrange to record or photograph a piece of it to share with our donors and the community.