Support Equity and Inclusion in Our Community

Let’s create true and substantial positive change for ALL people!

As a community, we’re seeking to address the chronic issues and ongoing struggles of equity and inclusion – issues that dramatically rose to the national forefront during the past few years. This awakening caused many of us to recognize how we ourselves contribute to enabling systemic issues of inequity and exclusion that cause hurt to others – even if our actions are unintentional.

As a first step in moving toward a more equitable and inclusive society, all of us can commit to learning about the stories, lives and experiences of individuals who do not have similar stories to our own. Learn about our Untold Stories community program.

In January 2024, our Moving Forward program awarded a $50,000 grant to the African American Cultural & Genealogical Society Museum of Illinois.

Beyond that, we can financially support efforts that provide grant funding to the causes and organizations that recognize, value and embrace the differences among us – including the Racial Equity Fund and the Equity and Inclusion Endowment Fund. Information about both funds is listed below. Please note: The grantmaking process of the Heart of Illinois Community Foundation prioritizes 501c3 organizations that are recognized by the IRS as operating public charities.

Join us in making a positive difference. Help us build a community of expanded opportunities where we all thrive.

The Racial Equity Fund

The issue of racial inequity presents an ongoing challenge to many individuals living in Macon County. It blocks them from rising up to achieve their dreams.

At the Foundation, we believe all residents in our community should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We also believe our community has the resources available to meet our most pressing problems, including racism and inequity.

The Racial Equity Fund gives community members the opportunity to financially support nonprofit organizations directly addressing the challenge of racism and inequity in our area. Funding is issued through grant awards to help these nonprofits work toward solutions that help eliminate systemic racism and move the community toward racial equity.

Together, we can fuel more community-led change! Since the funds creation in 2020, over $67,000 has been granted.

Click here to view Racial Equity Fund grant recipients.

The Equity and Inclusion Endowment Fund

The Equity and Inclusion Endowment Fund provides a lasting legacy of support for ongoing needs in the areas of equity and inclusion. The fund surpassed $50,000 in donations in October 2021, reaching permanent endowment status. Starting with December, 2021, the fund awards 5% of its total growing assets in grants.

2023 grant recipient: $2,500 to The Decatur Area Arts Council for their Storytellers: A Celebration of Black Artists exhibit.

2022 grant recipient: $2,000 to The African-American Cultural & Genealogical Society of Illinois for Juneteenth Community Celebration

2021 grant recipients ($500 Each): American Dreamer STEM Academy Eisenhower High School, Maroa Forsyth School District #2, Mt. Zion High School


Help this important fund grow in its impact on our community! Have questions? Call 217.429.3000.