Food Insecurity Fund

The Piatt County Fund Insecurity Fund supports food pantries and community outreach to create a framework that mixes healthy food access, education and community development. In the first quarter of 2024, the HICF granted $14,940 into Piatt County from this fund. For more information, contact Cristin Wright, HICF Piatt County Philanthropic Advisor, at

  • A Small Hand - Piatt County Infant and Diaper Pantry, Monticello, $3,140
  • Atwood Area Food Pantry, Atwood, $1,000
  • Bement Food Pantry at First Christian Church, Bement $1,800
  • God's Lifeline Food Pantry, Cerro Gordo $2,000
  • Martha's Cupboard Food Pantry, Mansfield, $1,000
  • Monticello Christian Church Food Pantry, Monticello $2,000
  • The Lord's Storehouse Food Pantry, Cisco $1,000
  • UMC-Ecumenical Food Pantry, Monticello $3,000