Untold Stories

On January 16, the Community Foundation of Macon County (CFMC) announced Untold Stories, a $120,000 community engagement program to bring to life and share stories of underrepresented people in Macon County. The CFMC is one of only three Illinois foundations receiving matching grant funds from The Lumpkin Family Foundation. Decatur Earthmover Credit Union and Healing Illinois also provided funding for the Untold Stories program.

The Untold Stories program’s vision is to promote a fuller understanding of history as a contribution to conversations about racial equity and social justice. This year-long program will focus on partnering with local historical/genealogical societies, libraries, schools, universities, museums, nonprofits, and churches to acknowledge and uncover untold history, support partnerships and build relationships, and develop understanding through education.

The first Untold Stories grant was awarded to Mt. Zion High School teacher Rich Hansen on Feb. 13. A $20,000 grant supports a class project for Mr. Hansen’s African American history class to research, design and build a new exhibit, or exhibits, for community display.

Untold Stories Program Goals:

  • Acknowledge and uncover untold history
  • Support partnerships and build relationships
  • Develop understanding through education

Untold Stories Advisory Committee:

  • Chairwoman, Julia Roundtree Livingston, jlivingston0815@gmail.com
  • Natalie Beck, CFMC staff liaison
  • Steve Grohne
  • Justin Hampton
  • Shelith Hansbro
  • Pastor Matt Samuels
  • Benny Smith, Jr.
  • Mark Sorensen
  • Stacey Young

A year-long engagement/funding timeline for this grant program will be released in February.