Nonprofit Endowment Calculator

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The HICF advocates endowment-building because this source of permanent capital helps your nonprofit organization plan for a stable and secure future. Endowment funds provide your nonprofit organization with a reliable, ongoing source of financial support. Each year, a distribution is available for your nonprofit organization to meet your ever-changing needs, empowering your nonprofit organization for opportunities like enhancements of facilities and equipment, long-term planning, responding to unmet needs, or meeting an unexpected shortfall in normal operating support. Over time, with gains in market performance and additions to your fund, your distribution will grow as well.

Enter your nonprofit organization's beginning fund balance and a sample time period to see how an endowed fund will ensure the long-term financial stability of your organization.

Over Years

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The results provided by the Endowment Calculator are intended for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed. The investment projections, outcomes and other information generated by the Endowment Calculator are hypothetical in nature, are based on HICF investment goals and policies, and do not reflect actual investment results. Projects assume annual return of 8%, supporting fees of 1% and an annual distribution rate of 5%.