Welcome to the Nonprofit Network!

Nonprofit Network

The Nonprofit Network represents the collective voice of the Macon County nonprofit sector, The Macon County Legacy group, and brings best practices, resources and support to the nonprofit community.

As a partner in professional development for local nonprofit staff and volunteers, the Heart of Illinois Community Foundation is providing grant funding to support capacity building across our nonprofit sector by facilitating trainings in Macon County. We realize that providing opportunities to learn is a strategy that many nonprofit often overlook due to limited funding. But, when a nonprofit invests in effective development opportunities, they are providing the resources necessary for staff and volunteers to improve their skills and advance nonprofit missions.

Macon County Legacy Nonprofit Network courses are facilitated by experts, providing opportunities for participants to connect to new knowledge and to build relationships. Our offerings are designed to enhance the governance, management and skills of nonprofit staff as well as volunteers. Please contact Rachel Moran, Nonprofit Network Director, at 217-429-3000 or rmoran@maconcountygives.org with questions or suggestions for upcoming courses.

2024 Courses and workshops for nonprofit volunteers:

Introduction to Board Governance