Macon County Legacy

This nonprofit group raises awareness of the importance of leaving a legacy gift to your community.

As a member of the Macon County Legacy group, YOU bring joy to Macon County.

Macon County Legacy is a membership group of nonprofit organizations and professional advisors - accountants, attorneys, wealth managers, financial advisors - who encourage supporters, donors, volunteers and clients to include a gift to charity in their wills or estate plans. Through their good work, our community flourishes. Why join? Read how it benefited one local nonprofit.

Current Members

Click here to see a list of current members (as of 12/23).

Benefits of Membership

Just a few membership benefits are listed below. Click here to view the complete list.

1. Opportunity to apply for free tuition to the Decatur Leadership Institute (DLI)

Many local nonprofits lack the funding to pay the $650 fee to send a staff member through the DLI learning and networking experience. However, one of the benefits of membership in the Macon County Legacy group is the opportunity for nonprofit staff members to apply to attend DLI at no cost. Each year, two slots are funded for nonprofit staff members through the Heart of Illinois Community Foundation.

2. Microgrants

Microgrants are strategic investments in people and organizations to be used to defray the cost of attending programs targeted at improving the management, governance and leadership of the applicant organization.

3. Member Wish Lists

One of many benefits that member organizations receive is the ability to get their wish lists in front of potential donors through the Heart of Illinois Community Foundation website. The wish list page fosters an environment of sharing and giving. Only Macon County Legacy members may participate. The list is continually updated as Legacy members items are funded and new items are submitted. Wish list items or projects may be sent to Rachel Moran at any time. MCL members may submit up to 5 wishes from January 1 to October 31, and up to 10 wishes from November 1 to December 31. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the number of wishes granted in 2023 and click here to read about one nonprofit's successful list posting.

4. Do Something Great Awards

Each year the Macon County Legacy group recognizes those in the community who have made an impact on Macon County through giving of their time, talents and/or treasures. MCL members are encouraged to nominate worthy candidates and may attend the lunch at no cost. Learn more about this community recognition program by clicking here.

Join the Macon County Legacy group today!

Join the list of current members featured on this website! Nonprofit organizations and professional advisers who wish to join Macon County Legacy should call 217.429.3000. 2024 membership dues are $200.

Granted Wishes to Date

In 2023, donors granted over $230,000 in wishes!